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AMSOIL - Online Lookup Guide

This lookup guide will return the recommended AMSOIL products (oils, filters and plugs) for your specific application.

Auto and Light Truck lookup Guide

PowerSports Lookup -ATV'S Motorcycles Watercraft and more.

AMSOIL Recommended Oils For Harley Davidson

AMSOIL products (oils, filters and plugs) for your small engine application.

Amsoil By Pass Oil Filter System Application Guide

Heavy Duty Truck, Bus, and Industrial Filter Lookup Guide


Specifications contained on this website are based on manufacturers' information and were believed accurate at the time of publication. Our recommendations apply to AMSOIL products only, as we cannot be responsible for products from other manufacturers. Always compare fluids and lubricants that were installed in the vehicle with those replacing them during service. Never install more fluid or lubricant than what is considered adequate according to gradients on dipstick or level of filler hole. Fill and drain locations are for reference only. Failure to perform adequate inspections or obtain proper resolution will limit or negate any liability toward AMSOIL, Inc.
Models introduced midyear may not have the same specifications as those produced earlier.

If any discrepancies are noted, they can be simply reported to AMSOIL by clicking on the "Report Discrepancies" button found on the top of each application page. All discrepancies are reviewed and if you would like a response, please indicate so by placing your email address in the box provided on the form.



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